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General Beer Queries

Craft Beer is individually brewed batches of beer. All made with the finest of ingredients, care, skill and knowledge of the process. Experimenting with different styles allows craft brewers like us here at Better World Brewery to be innovative and always bring you the fresher beer there is

An IPA beer is a hoppy strong pale ale typically around 5.5 to 6.5% to find out more about IPA's read this wonderful article.

Draught beer, is beer served from a cask or keg rather than from a bottle or can. Draught beer served from a pressurised kegs is also known as keg beer.

IPA stands for India Pale Ale or Indian Pale Ale, it was originally brewed by the British for their soldiers in India.

At Better World we only make easy drinking, vegan and planet friendly craft beers between 4% and 6%, the beers we love to drink ourselves.

Drinking Beer Queries

Generally there are around 150 / 200 calories in a pint of craft beer

There's around 180 calories in a pint of our delicious lager.

Alcoholic beverages, such as beer, do not often contain added sugar. Nevertheless, sugar still has a role in the fermentation process, which is when yeast changes the sugars into alcohol.. Because the sugar is converted, it theoretically means that beers has some sugar, usually less than 1 gram per pint.

There's around 150 calories in a can of our craft beer., has very handy guide to show the average number of calories in beers on the market, plus other alcoholic beverages.

Beer contains two main components, hops and grain, which both contain carbs. On average, one pint of beer has about 10-15 grams of carbohydrates.