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8 fresh beers from Better World & Our Friends + Snacks and a lovely gift - With Free Delivery - what's not to like!

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The Planet's Favourite Beer Club  

Better World and Friends is the best way to stay stocked up on quality, small-batch craft beers from us here at Better World and some of the best micro-breweries around. Our team curates each box from a range of craft beers from across the UK and we only ever feature beers we drink ourselves.

In each box you'll receive 4 beers from ourselves and 4 from our friends - all beers are always fresh and only ever 440 cans.

With every subscription to our beer club we plant 8 trees in our forest 

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Our subscription is eco-friendly, and always packed with super fresh beer in 440 cans - and every beer has been taste tested lucky us :)

Why Better World and Friends

Ours is a simple story set in a cocktail bar in Brighton (England) a story of four friends, too many average beers and a daft idea to create a beer brand that could literally change the world written on a scrap of paper and one hell of a hangover.

But anyway a global pandemic later, lots of stress and some sleepless nights, we’ve gone from that silly idea to where we are now, we’re still friends, we still have a lot of work to do but we’re not finished yet – this is just the start of creating a Better World.

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We are on a mission to be the best and most sustainable beer club in the world

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