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Our Mission

Every Sip Creates a Story!

We're in business to make great beer that supports the people, communities and all life on earth that makes this little planet such a wonderful place. We only have one home after all.

We will Achieve our Mission by:

1) Making quality beers and engaging people. We support positive debate and action for society and the planet.

2) Using the best ingredients, working with local suppliers and always looking to use recyclable materials - use less energy and avoid carbon emissions.

3) Supporting good causes. We’re giving back and supporting vital projects that will change society for the better.

4) Being a good neighbour and working alongside our local community. We foster a safe, caring and fun environment, a place to laugh and have fun.

Our Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by a four lifelong friends and the people, places and stories that have shaped our lives

Make the best beer we can

Quality, fun, easy drinking, vegan and planet friendly beer. Because making the best product matters for saving the planet.

 Do less harm

We know that our business activity from lighting our bar to the cans we use s part of the problem. We work steadily to change our business practices.

A business for all

We are all brothers, fathers, partners. We may not be a diverse bunch ourselves but we have to create a business for all. Our customers don’t all look like us and neither should be.

"We're on a mission to make the world a better place - one great beer at a time"