Our Story


When we first started back in 2019 we were just four mates having a bit of fun, a pure passion project to brew some beer and do a bit of good for the planet. Who knew how far we’d come in just over a year. Better World Brewing is now a growing drinks brand on a mission to make the world just a little bit better, by bringing people together through the joy of sharing a drink or two.


Working in partnership

We don’t have our own brewery but that’s out of choice, we brew in partnership with others. By working alongside our expert brewing partners, developing our own recipes and keeping our costs down, it allows us to focus on our strengths and do more good.


A simple vision

To make consistently great easy drinking beer and create a better world for people, communities and all life on earth and be a great place to work.


The next chapter

So now we’re gearing up for our next chapter we’re going to build upon what we’ve achieved to date. We're working on opened our first bar and we now aim to bring our beers to the masses - so join us on our journey 


Drop us an email if you’d like to chat about working together and you are always welcome to pop on down - we'd love to share a drink or two.


Love and respect from Team Better World - Nick, Russ, Mike and Dan