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Our Values

we believe

For us, being a good business means more than just avoiding bad practice. It means actively supporting good practice and helping improve society as a whole.

We want the people we work with to prosper and thrive, we want our partners to grow, we want you to enjoy our beer and we want to make this world a better place.

A Better Business

Our values reflect those of a business started by a group of friends who want to make a real and lasting difference. We are always learning and we are always listening. We are not perfect and if we get it wrong we will be honest and we will learn from our mistakes, because life is about learning.

The Best We Can

We will always strive to make the best beer we can working alongside partners who share our vision and values. We will be a great employer because together we can achieve so much more, we will listen and learn together and we will always offer a fair equal and decent package to all our team.

And we will listen to our customers because without you we are nothing.

Cause No Unnecessary Harm

We will always try to avoid harming the planet and pledge to consistently do better as we strive for ways to improve our business. Because we can always do more.

Do More Good

We will use our business for good by supporting people and causes that are making a difference. We will always fight for what we believe, for our team and the causes we hold dear.